Modules At The English Academy
Module 1
  • GRAMMAR – tense, preposition, modals, etc
  • Overcomimng inhibition
  • Situation- based conversation
  • Basic English Speech
  • Vocabulary
  • Perfecting –Conversation
  • Interactive –sessions
Module 2
  • Vocabulary –pronunciation and its usage
  • Perfectting Conversational Skills. Developing Skill in Mastering Different Communicative Functions throughinteractive Group Activities - Like Impromptu, Debate, Extempore, Group Discussion etc
  • Modern Idioms and their usage
  • Emphasis on Colloquial- English
  • Sophisticated Ways of Expression
  • Role Plays
  • Overcoming Inhibition in Speech
  • Development Of Presentation Skills
  • Effective Use of NEW EXPRESSIONS to improve fluency and Confidence
  • Business Communication
Module 3
  • Introduction of Basic English Speech
  • Characteristics of Sound
  • Pronunciation Lessons from Specially Formulated Rhythm Drill
  • Reading With Correct Accent
  • Perfecting Conversational Skills Related to Daily Life
  • Effective use of New Expressions to increase Fluency and Confidence
  • British and American English

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