To meet the demands of English at the workplace- The English Academy -
offers general and business English benchmarking and evaluation of English skills. Our experience and expertise in English language teaching allow our trainers to ensure that the staff are able to communicate confidentily in a professional environment.
Our methodology is a balance of activities and exercises to develop spoken skills, vocabulary and pronunciation.
Variety of interactive team activities such as role plays, problem-solving activities and personalised speaking tasks are used to help build the participants’ communicative competence and skills.

Written communication too is given precedent if required.
Our Written Communication encompasses skills and techniques of immediate practical use.
  • - Report writing
  • - Presentation Skills
  • - Managing Meetings
  • - International English
  • - Email writing
  • - Intercultural Communication


Voice And Accent Training-
  • - Characteristics of Sound.
  • - Pronunciation Lessons from Specially Formulated Rhythm Drill.
  • - Reading With Correct Accent.
  • - Word Bank (vocabulary with pronunciation and use of the words
  • - Extensive use of Diphthongs Intonation and Modulation.
  • - Situation based Conversations
  • - Perfecting Conversational Skills Related to Daily Life.
  • - Effective use of New Expressions to increase Fluency and Confidence.

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